NED-DICE Energy Innovation Center

NED-DICE Energy Innovation Center


  1. Arrange annual Energy innovation and entrepreneurship event to exhibit and promote innovative ideas from all over the country.
  2. Develop energy-literate leaders and communities through workshops, seminars and symposium.
  3. Transform high potential concept ready ideas into commercial ready products and services in collaboration with ORIC.
  4. Provide services to the industry such as:
    1. access to the student and faculty for R&D.
    2. access to academia resources such as specialized energy software.
    3. access to testing facilities.
    4. assist industry in efficient energy generation and utilization.
    5. Mobilize expatriates for capacity building in various fields of energy.
    6. Increase awareness of common consumer for efficient utilization of energy.
    7. Provide Pakistani businessmen and entrepreneurs access to international markets, using expatriate network.
    8. Act as a think tank to aid Govt of Pakistan in energy policy making.
    9. Assisting students for research and development.
    10. Maintaining database related to energy production, consumption and conservation.
    11. Monitoring renewable energy resource and creating its database.


The Center will be administered under the following Governing Body:

  1. Executive Governing Body.
  2. Industrial Board.
  3. Steering Committee.

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