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NED-DICE is a joint collaborative initiative of NED University of Engineering and Technology and DICE Foundation. NED-DICE provides a platform for energy related innovations and for collaboration among academia, industry, government, entrepreneurs and expatriates to integrate science, technology and policy solutions to solve pressing energy challenges faced by Pakistan. NED-DICE aims to mobilize Energy Professionals of Pakistani origin around the world, to take advantage of their expertise and experiences for growth of energy sector in Pakistan.

    1st Project Selected for commercialization:

    (Department of Computer Science and Information Technology (BCIT), NEDUET)

    Electricity Monitoring & Optimization System (EMOS) is an IT Solution to deal with the energy shortage crisis in Pakistan through efficient energy conservation. EMOS empowers the electricity consumers to lower their electricity bills through daily insights and real time feedback about their daily power usage. EMOS facilitates them with real time monitoring, cost estimation of power consumed, generation of reports of the power consumed and suggestions to save the additional consumptions including the timely SMS alerts when user reaches the limit of preset threshold. EMOS helps residential consumers understand when energy is being used and helps them take measures to save as well as use electricity efficiently. The industrialist can prevent the energy wastage by knowing the trends of energy consumption by machines. EMOS allows remote monitoring & management of electricity consumption in real time and helps in controlling monthly bills leading to a smart and productive lifestyle. The monthly analysis of the usage of electricity provided by EMOS offers implication to how one can control their daily consumption and save lot on their electricity bills. EMOS got 1st Position in DICE Virtual Innovation Competition from more than 100 innovations competing for the award on September 2014 at NED University. On Dec 23, 2014, the EMOS was presented at the DICE Energy Conference 2014 a NED University, Karachi. The Honorable Chief Guest, Minister of Finance & Energy, Govt. of Sindh took special interest in the project and later invited the team to present at the Minister Secretariat. A Pilot Project for the Government of Sind was offered with additional requirements. Currently, the development is in progress for the Govt. of Sindh Pilot Project under the support of DICE-Energy for commercialization.

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