NED-DICE Energy & Water Innovation Center is a joint collaborative initiative of NED University of Engineering & Technology and DICE Foundation. NED-DICE Energy & Water Innovation Center provides a platform for energy/water related innovations and for collaboration among academia, industry, government, entrepreneurs and expatriates to integrate science, technology and policy solutions to solve pressing energy/water challenges faced by Pakistan. NED-DICE Energy & Water Innovation Center aims to mobilize Energy/water Professionals of Pakistani origin around the world, to take advantage of their expertise and experiences for growth of energy/water sector in Pakistan.


“To encourage and promote energy/water related innovations throughout the country and transform them into commercial products and services; and to serve as R&D wing for industry to help solve their energy/water related problems”.


“Empowering our nation to address its energy/water problems through innovative solutions”.


To establish a strong linkage between Academia and Energy/water Industry and provide a common  platform for both academia and industry to interact, collaborate, and share innovative ideas and concepts in order to grow indigenous Energy/water Industry in the country.

To create a positive and favorable image of Pakistan Energy/water Industry in the eyes of foreign energy/water OEMS, suppliers and vendors i.e. country fully capable of developing innovative Energy/water products and providing design, analysis, testing and manufacturing services to the rest of the world

To expedite the process of technology revolution in Pakistan by motivating both academia and industry to acquire, promote and utilize state-of-art technologies/high-tech software for the rapid development of innovative Energy/water products.