DICE Energy & Water 2018:

DICE Energy & Water 2018 event is a joint collaborative event of the DICE Foundation
and NED University of Engineering & Technology Karachi to foster innovation, collaboration
and entrepreneurship culture in the country on Energy, Water and its related themes.
In this connection two days event called DICE Energy & Water was arranged at NED
University of Engineering & Technology premises on 10-11 October 2018. The event
includes Students Innovation Exhibition, Industrial Exhibition, Symposium and DICE
Shark (pitching of innovative projects in front of Industrialists, CEOs and Venture Capitalists).
There is a total prize money of Rs.200,000/- for innovative student projects in the competition.
The objectives of the event are:

  • To establish a strong linkage between Academia and Energy/Water related Industry
    and provide a common platform for academia, industry, government, entrepreneurs
    and expatriates to interact, collaborate and share innovative ideas and concepts in
    order to grow indigenous Energy and Water industry in the country.
  • To create a positive and favorable image of Pakistan Energy and Water industry in the eyes
    of international community i.e. the country is fully capable of developing innovative Energy
    and Water products for domestic market as well as for the rest of the world.
  • To expedite the process of technology revolution in Pakistan by motivating both academia
    and industry to acquire, promote and utilize state-of-art technologies/high-tech software
    packages for the rapid development of innovative products and services related to Energy
    and Water sector.
  • To encourage academia and Industry to undertake research in Energy and Water related
    fields and disseminate their research findings through the esteemed platform like DICE.
  • To foster the culture of innovation in students by arranging an Innovation Exhibition among
    the students of different universities of the country.


DICE Energy & Water 2018 Brochure
Final Report Template
Industry Invitation Letter for Participation Sponsoring DICE Energy & Water 2018
Academia Invitation Letter for DICE Energy & Water 2018
DICE Energy & Water 2018 Poster