Center Projects

Centre Project

1. The CFD/FES Analysis of the Revomax Reverse Flue Boilers (Project of Gresham Pvt. Ltd.
2. Part Detailing of EV Three Wheeler on Solid Modelling along with FES (Project of Gresham Pvt. Ltd.)
3. Energy Storage Systems for Electrified Vehicles (Project of DICE Foundation USA)

4. To conserve Energy & water at Thal Engineering through:
       a) Grid tied solar energy solutions for the following three plants
                TE Korangi Plant
                TE Yazaki Plant (Port Qasim)
                Thal Boshoku Plant (Port Qasim)

      b) Study and identification of machines & equipment for the optimum application of VFDs
          (variable frequency drives) at Electric system Business Division of Korangi Plant.

      c) Water conservation at Thal Engineering Korangi Plant through reduction in water consumption &
           waste water recycling innovation. (Project of Thal Engineering Pvt. Ltd.)

5. Energy Harvesting from ocean waves
6. To design a generalize and cost-effective AC/DC ceiling fan motor–A viable solution for the non-inverter based renewable energy sources
7. Effective Utilization of Wazu Water
8. Water Conserver
9.   Design & Fabrication of improved Pelton Wheel
10. Energy Harvesting using Piezoeletric Material
11. Gas Furnace Automation
12. Solar Desalination Plant
13. Design and fabrication of flat plat solar water geyser
14. Design and fabrication of rig to produce PV panels indigenously